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Sunday, 26 July 2009

See Danny Dyer and David McMillan TV

Missed the Danny Dyer series Deadliest men where Danny and I share a few feeds?
Lucky you! Well, if punishment is your thing, try these links - all seven of them on You Tube show each segment from the Bravo TV series via Virgin media.
Of course, there's links in the show ESCAPE: the true story of the only Westerner to escape from the Bangkok Hilton, but they're buried deep.
Danny got off light with me. I see Danny Dire gets punched in the next episode. Here's 1-7:
After you've had your fill of high seas adventure and iffy Thai home stir-fry
, try the trick Danny Dire parody the best of which include Danny Dire in Russia. I've a feeling Virgin plug money in this one.,,12555~1231214,00.html,,12555~1131009,00.html